Do I Need a Maintenance Contract for My Copier?

Do I Need a Maintenance Contract for My Copier?

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Professional Maintenance Contracts for Copiers

If you are purchasing or leasing a copier for your office or organization, the customer service and salesperson will probably ask you if you’d like to purchase a maintenance contract for the copier. Is a maintenance contract a time-saving, cost-effective investment or are you better off saving your money? We’re sharing how these contracts work, what’s included, and whether you need a maintenance contract for your copier.

What Is a Copier Maintenance Contract?

A copier maintenance contract is a service agreement with a company like CEI who will provide ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep the copier in proper working condition for your organization. 

What’s Included in a Maintenance Contract?

Typically, your contract will include the following: 

  • Toner cartridges 
  • Parts and supplies are covered in the event they wear out or need replaced;
  • Labor costs for maintenance and repairs;

The maintenance contract acts as health insurance for your copier. It covers “check-ups” such as toner and maintenance to keep it running smoothly, and it also includes diagnostics and repairs in the event it breaks down or stops working as it should. 

Types of Copier Maintenance Agreements

While every company offers variations as to payment and inclusions, with CEI, there are two options for how your contract is laid out. 

All-In-One Lease Payment

When you lease a copier, your payment includes the equipment, a set amount of copies per month, as well as a maintenance contract. This allows you to easily budget for the cost of your copier, including any consumables and avoids unexpected costs, assuming you stay at or under your copy allotment.  

Separate Lease and Maintenance

If you lease a copier and get a maintenance contract, you can keep the two separate. You can also set this up as a cost-per-copy contract where you only pay for the copies you print and keep your maintenance contract as a separate bill. This may be a more economical option for organizations that want to avoid unexpected costs but also don’t require a high volume of copies. This is also ideal for companies who experience busy seasons such as accountants and schools  

Other Maintenance Agreements

By working with a local company for your managed print and copy services, you can work with them to create a more custom arrangement that fits the unique needs of your organization. For example, at CEI, we can create a maintenance contract on existing equipment or multiple devices to help minimize unexpected costs moving forward. 

Is a Copier Maintenance Agreement Beneficial?

If you’re unsure whether a copier maintenance agreement is necessary or cost effective, consider these benefits: 

  • A go-to company to contact when you do have a problem rather than having to find a company to provide assistance and repairs with your copier. 
  • Help desk support to troubleshoot problems;
  • Rapid response for more serious issues so your equipment can be up and running sooner;
  • The cost of ownership is reduced by avoiding expensive, unexpected repair costs. 

With a service plan in place, you have peace of mind that you have an experienced team on your side to make sure your copier is working when you need it, allowing you to save time and avoid setbacks due to unexpected costs and delays in repairs. 

Contact CEI for Copier Maintenance Service 

If you are ready to purchase or lease a copier for your office and you’d like to include a copier maintenance contract, or you’d like to invest in maintenance service for your existing equipment, we can help. With an experienced team of technicians, rapid response times, and an 85 percent first-call fix rate, you can feel confident that your equipment is in excellent hands. To learn more, call us today at 919-781-8885 or fill out our convenient online form. We serve Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding area.

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