Production Printers

Our digital presses are designed for high-speed, high-volume printing with efficient workflows. They’re perfect for commercial printing environments, in-house marketing departments or businesses that produce large print runs.

Savin Pro C7200x

  • Prints up to 95 pages per minute, copy, scan
  • Support up to 13″x49.6″ (with Oversize Tray option) and up to 360 gsm (grams per square meter)
  • Produce up to 240,000 pages per month
  • Expand your print offerings with VDP, diverse media choices and exceptional quality

Konica Minolta C4080

  • Inline trimming unit for advanced automation
  • Up to 360 gsm (grams per square meter) Media Flexibility
  • Amazing image quality – 3600 (equivalent) x 2400

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