5 Clever Ways to Use Production Printing to Drive Marketing Results

5 Clever Ways to Use Production Printing to Drive Marketing Results

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Marketing through production printing is a great way to touch potential customers, create and push your brand, and have repetitive visibility. Print marketing helps businesses leave a lasting impression on their customers in a natural way that evokes interest. Businesses can attract and engage with target markets through printed marketing materials. Custom marketing materials make all the difference when it comes to lasting impressions for your business.

At CEI, one of our primary products is production printers. Our digital presses are designed for high-volume printing, resulting in efficient workflows and quick printing speeds. In this article, we give you 5 ways to use production printing to drive marketing results as well as inform you about production printers, marketing materials, and how your business can drive marketing results with production printing.

What are Production Printers?

A production printer is a high-quality printer used for digital printing that produces marketing communications, effective marketing materials, and promotional materials. A production printer, also called a digital press, is commonly used to create brochures, point-of-sales materials, booklets, and more.

What are Marketing Materials?

Marketing materials are branded items used for communicating your message to customers and prospects. Marketing materials include any kind of material that is used to promote a brand, product, or service. Generally, these are custom marketing materials that include anything from a business card, a brochure, signage, catalogs, direct mail materials, wall signs, advertising cards, to sales materials.

Benefits of Print Marketing Materials

The goal of print marketing materials is to deliver a specific message that gets a response from your audience. Quality print marketing is a primary component of the success of your marketing strategy. Printed materials allow you to present your messaging with easy-to-digest pieces instead of overwhelming your audience with a lot of information at one time.

Drive Marketing Results with These Production Printing Ideas

You can drive marketing results using a wide variety of printed materials, also called marketing collateral. Here are 5 ideas that are successful and also clever.

1. Postcards and Birthday Cards

Using custom postcards is a great way to create brand recognition among prospective customers and actual customers alike. Postcards are extremely efficient, cost-effective, and flexible as a marketing tool. Custom postcards are easy to create and are widely read. Additionally, postcards can give instant results when they advertise special offers and promotional events.

Birthday cards are a great way to add a personal touch to your business marketing plan. If you want to build customer loyalty in your business, birthday cards can help you. Everyone has a birthday, so you can touch all your existing customers once a year with this strategy. Mailed birthday cards are personal, have an impact, get you noticed, and convey the message that your customer is special.

2. Promotional Products

Promotional products include anything that has a company’s branding on it. These promote your business and are only limited by your imagination. By producing promotional products like calendars, coasters, signs, and vinyl printouts, you can reach a wider audience and create a more effective marketing campaign.

Production printing offers a high level of quality and durability, making it an ideal choice for promotional materials. With production printing, you can produce large quantities of promotional materials quickly and easily. And because production printing is so versatile, you can create unique marketing materials that stand out from the competition.

3. Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are another great way to market and promote your company. Providing proposals in an organized, well-designed folder presents a strong image of your business. Companies that use presentation folders with a logo printed on them look more professional and present an image of success. And, for a lasting impression, print brands on presentation folders that people will keep.

4. Advertising Signs

Advertising signs are often overlooked as marketing collateral but should definitely be a part of a company’s marketing strategy. A commercial sign can add value to the overall brand by increasing the curb appeal of the business as well as increasing awareness. A sign is effective at promoting a business, drawing attention to it, and conveying important information to potential customers.

5. Door Hangers

Door hangers with your brand logo are a perfect marketing strategy for reaching a local audience. Hangers are hand-delivered and show potential customers that you are willing to go the extra mile to get your name out. A door hanger is a tangible and memorable form of advertising that helps increase brand awareness and attract new customers who may not know about your business.

Marketing Material Printers

When selecting a printer for your marketing materials, it’s smart to understand a little about the different printers that are used and what their capabilities are.

Production Printers

As stated earlier, production printers are also called digital presses. Today, production printers are commonly utilized in two major capacities. The first is print shops or “print for pay” shops, where the printers are intended to handle large, complex jobs. The second is in-house marketing departments, where flexibility and specific workflows are needed. In both cases, production printers play an essential role in meeting the needs of businesses and organizations.

Production printers are designed to handle a wide variety of printing tasks, from simple black-and-white text to complex full-color images. They offer high speed and high quality, making them ideal for print shops that need to produce large quantities of prints quickly and accurately.

In-house marketing departments also benefit from production printers, as they can use them to produce custom materials such as flyers, postcards, and brochures. With the ability to print on a variety of media types, production printers give marketing professionals the flexibility they need to create eye-catching materials that get results.

Wide-Format Printers

Wide-format printers are ideal for producing high-quality, large-scale print media such as posters, wraps, signage, banners, tarpaulins, and other advertising materials. The width of a wide-format printer ranges from 19″ to 64″.

Envelope Printers

When doing a mass mailing for marketing purposes, whether it is to existing customers or new customers, directly printing names and addresses onto envelopes is an easy way to personalize your mail without applying labels. Envelope printers can also apply marketing images for maximum impact.

Offline Finishing Products

Using offline finishing products for mailings and other marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters, and postcards will improve and diversify your business. A separate offline finishing device can fold, crease, and cut to create beautifully customized marketing materials.

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