How to Protect Your Business from Toner Pirates

How to Protect Your Business from Toner Pirates

How To

The Copy Toner Scam

Have you heard of toner pirating? If you have not, toner pirating is when a business gets scammed into buying toner from a fraudulent company pretending to be their actual supplier. Most times, you will never receive the toner, or if you do, it is the wrong type for your machine. Toner pirating is very common and can cost businesses hundreds of dollars if they fall victim to the scams. 

How to Protect Yourself

Toner pirates will typically call your business a few times to collect information before they try to scam you. They will use the information they gathered to make it seem like they know about your company and your copier.

It is important for all employees to be able to recognize the telltale signs of a toner pirate, a few of which include: 
  1. The caller’s company name is not familiar and/or you cannot find it when you search the internet. 
  2. The caller asks for specific details, such as: serial number, make, and model of your copier, as well as your business address. 
  3. The caller will not tell you where the toner will be shipping from. 
  4. There is a sense of urgency – they will usually want you to buy the toner right then or that same day. 
  5. The caller will insist that the toner is a great deal and that you will not find it for a better price.
What to Do if you Are the Recipient of a Toner Pirate Call
  1. Do not give any information to them.
  2. Ask them questions. If they push back and avoid the questions – keep asking.
  3. Hang up and block the number. 
  4. Call your copier service provider and ask them to verify. 
  5. Report the incident to your local Better Business Bureau.

Protect Yourself from Toner Pirate Scams

CEI – The Digital Office is here to help you! Our team is very knowledgeable on spotting toner pirate scams. Typically, toner is included in your service maintenance contract, so there should never be a charge. If you are ever unsure of a phone call or an invoice you receive, give us a call at 919-781-8885 and we will be glad to verify the information.

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