How to Incorporate a Multifunction Printer into Your Workflow

How to Incorporate a Multifunction Printer into Your Workflow

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Incorporating a Multifunction Printer into Your Workflow

When you think of workflow automation and enhancing workflow efficiency, you may not be thinking of your multi-function printer that includes scanning and copying. After all, it seems like in a digital-saturated workspace, the moment you introduce paper, your workflow grinds to a halt in exchange for data entry and document filing. However, today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) are designed to seamlessly integrate into your digital workflow, and we’re breaking down how document management solutions can help. 

Data Capture and Scan Integration

When you receive a document, such as an invoice, instead of entering information manually or relying on a filing cabinet to hold hard copies, your MFP can scan it directly to where you need it. While that’s fairly well known, you can also integrate the right software that will allow you to scan the document and the data will import into the proper program. For example, integrating your MFP into Quickbooks can allow you to easily scan invoices and accounts payable information and it will automatically populate in your records. This will definitely save you time in your workflow. 

Integrate Your Printer into Cloud-Based Document Storage

Whether you use Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, or ShareFile, your MFP can integrate into these platforms. You can scan your documents directly into your files or convert them into different formats, such as optical character recognition (OCR) or PDFs that can be edited or are searchable. Additionally, this makes it easy to collaborate and share files after scanning them into shared cloud-based folders.

Because more people are working away from the office, connecting your MFP into your file sharing software via a document management system also allows for mobile printing so you can send documents to your office printer no matter where you are. 

Digital Workflow Software for Multifunction Printers

Making copies or scanning documents used to mean going to the device, pressing the series of buttons, and waiting for output, breaking your productivity and leading to downtime. Today, you can use a mobile device, such as your tablet or phone, to set up copies and print documents, even when you’re away from the office. Even better, you can set up multi-step digital workflows that help you complete work even more quickly. For example, you can scan documents in and route them to team members or clients for electronic signatures, scan numerous pages into digital files that you can easily share with other people, or automate repetitive tasks. 

With most digital workflow software, you can customize your software to improve privacy or even add on legal or healthcare features that increase confidentiality and privacy while allowing for improved experiences for your clients or patients. 

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