Functions and Features to Look for in a New Office Copier

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What to Look for in a New Office Copier

If you’re outfitting a new office or you’re replacing an existing copier, trying to find the right option can be a bit overwhelming. You want a dependable device that fits within your budget, but you don’t want to sacrifice functionality. To help you decide, we’re sharing the functions and features you should look for in an office copier.

Look for a Multifunction Printer/Copier

First, we would highly recommend making the shift from two separate devices, a copier and a printer, to an all-in-one multifunction printer. This can minimize costs and streamline efficiency at your office because you won’t need to schedule maintenance or order supplies for two different machines, you’ll have more space, plus you can create a more efficient printing and copying station at your office. If you have multiple users with different output needs, make sure you’re shopping for a multifunction printer. 

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Features To Consider For New Office Copiers

Color or Black and White

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is whether you’ll need a color copier or a black-and-white option. Black and white copiers are significantly less expensive both from a per copy cost and an operational cost perspective because there is only one toner cartridge necessary, whereas color copiers rely on four different types. Unless you rely on your printer and copier for color documents, like marketing or branded materials, a black-and-white option may suit your budget and your office needs. 

Output Speed

Today’s multifunction printers and copiers come in a variety of output speeds from 30 to 40 pages per minute for color copiers to high-speed output of over 100 pages per minute. You’ll want to weigh your business’s printing and copying needs to determine if a high-speed option is a right investment. If you have a larger company or organization, or you require high volumes of copies or prints, a high-speed copier will ensure efficiency and prevent bottlenecks while a lower speed is generally sufficient for small organizations and businesses with low-volume printing needs. 

Image Quality

While it may be tempting to only consider price and copier speeds when making a decision on new office equipment, it is important not to overlook the quality of the copier’s output. Documents and presentations created with copiers that have poor image clarity can create a negative impression on clients and business partners.

Look for copiers with high-resolution capabilities, as well as options for fine-tuning image sharpness and color. It may cost a bit more upfront, but investing in a copier with superior image quality will pay off in the long run. Don’t skimp on this crucial aspect of your copier decision-making process. Your reputation, and possibly even business deals, could depend on it.

Page Size And Paper Capacity Configurations

When looking for new office copier equipment, it’s important to take paper capacity into account. Paper capacity configuration refers to how many sheets of paper the copier can hold at one time. A low paper capacity means more frequent reloading and potential delays, but a high paper capacity could result in a bulky and expensive machine. Consider the average number of copies your office needs at one time, as well as any potential future growth, in order to determine the right balance for your specific needs.

Additionally, be sure to consider page size options; if your office frequently uses larger-sized paper such as legal or ledger, make sure the copier can handle those sizes before making a final decision. Taking these factors into account will help you choose the best copier equipment for your office’s unique needs.

Finishing Options and Accessories

If you use your printer for more than single-page print-outs, you may find added finishing features and organizational features will save time and minimize the need to outsource marketing materials. Today’s multifunction office copiers and printers can include a variety of accessories and finishing solutions to help you perform more of the needs of your business efficiently. Consider these possible features, whether they’re included or available as an add-on:

  • Paper sorting
  • Stapling
  • Collating
  • Sorting trays
  • Booklet making
  • Folding and creasing
Mobile Connectivity

More of today’s modern printers and copiers offer wireless capabilities so you and your team can print from any device anywhere. When your team is working in the field or working from home, your team can send documents from their phone or laptop directly to the office. Additionally, these copiers often include security features, such as data encryption and authentication so your information is protected and you know that sensitive data isn’t seen by unauthorized users. 


When it comes to office copiers, security should always be a top priority. Not only do these machines contain sensitive documents, but they can also store information such as credit card numbers and passwords. That’s why it’s important to consider the level of security required for your new office equipment.

First, take a look at the capabilities of the copier. Is it capable of encrypting data and limiting access to certain users through password protection? Are there additional measures such as biometric authentication or hardware locks available for added security? It’s also important to establish a clear office policy regarding the proper use and handling of printed materials.

Managed Print Services

When setting up a new office, it’s important to consider all of your options for office photocopier equipment. One feature available with office printers is managed print services, where outside office copier providers (like CEI) take care of all procedures and maintenance for office printers and copiers. This can save time and hassle for office staff, as well as potentially lower operating costs.

Managed print services often include regular maintenance checks and potential upgrades, ensuring that office equipment runs efficiently. Additionally, they often offer support or troubleshooting in the event of any problems with the copiers. In short, managed print services can provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for office copier management.

Commercial Copier Prices and Availability to Buy or Lease a Printer/Copier

In addition to the features of the copier itself, consider your options related to paying for it. If you want modern equipment but you’re concerned about the budget, leasing your copier may be the right option for your business. This allows you to get the features you need at a lower up-front cost and upgrade in a few years depending on the needs of your business.

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